Contemplating Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies have been the leader of the pack for a long, long time.  They are the most popular cookie in the U.S.  According to one article that I researched tonight, we in the U.S.  eat almost 19, 000 cookies in our lifetime, probably more by now, as my source was in 2015.  Everyone has their own recipe, even within the category of best chocolate chip cookie.  Some like theirs crunchy, others prefer soft and pliable.  Most pick one or the other and it probably is the stuff that conversations are made of.  They are nostalgic and evoke one of those olfactory memories that make people smile, in that wistful way.  You will notice folks tipping their heads, looking off into space, remembering.  Not to throw icewater on a a moment, but here’s my reality.  I’m not a fan of the lofty, frontrunner, chocolate chip.  Never have been, and probably in the present  or future, will not be changing my point of view.

Trying to keep up with trends is something I have never been good at.  It’s probably rooted in a modicum of stubborness.  I am often the “anti-popular” when it comes to what people drool over or can’t get enough of.  I will evaluate something that is recommended, because that is only fair and kind.  I may not outwardly tout something that I can’t really support wholeheartedly, but I will never tell someone that I vehemently disagree with them.  I will listen and contemplate and keep my feelings to myself.  Even when it comes to cookies.  When everyone else liked the Beatles, I didn’t.  Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to something.  I was never the kid that anyone had to say to “if Harry jumped off a bridge, would you follow him?”  No, Harry would be on his own and I probably would have mentioned that I didn’t think it was a good idea and I would have probably been called a chicken or killjoy.  I didn’t follow because I didn’t want to.  I like the Beatles now.

I didn’t do a lot of things that other kids did.  Never stole from a store or wore high wedge shoes.  I had too much guilt to steal, and terrible ankles without trying to balance.  I also, full disclosure here, never experienced the purple haze.  Still haven’t.  Pretty strange since it was the 60’s and 70’s and “everyone” was doing it (lots of its).  I went to parties where other people were partaking and I just kind of observed and politely said “no thank you”.  It was a hard stance to keep, but then again, I was more comfortable staying in my space, than experiencing something I had no control over.  That has always been an important part of me.  I might, however, contemplate it now but it’s still not something that intrigues me or would be something anyone could “convince” me to do.  I leave doors open in some instances.

I guess, from a popularity point of view, chocolate chip cookies have it going on, as the expression says.  Nothing wrong with that.  I admire those that know where they stand on things, cookies or otherwise.  I am used to, after a lifetime of stubborn, worry and contemplation, content in knowing that I am an oatmeal raisin in a chocolate chip world.




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