What a diff’rence…


…a year makes. I  began this blog (officially) on June 28, 2016.  It seems like a reason to celebrate.  It’s time to say Thank You to you, the readers. The comments help me know what connects with you.  The likes suggest that I touched some feelings…maybe some common ground.

In spite of my often impulsive nature, which I think I have tempered with age and reluctance to injure my body or my psyche, I really pondered what writing was going to be like.  Committing to the process required a discipline that I don’t usually harness easily.  It was changing a behavior, and according to behaviorists who find studying these type of things interesting all the time, it takes sixty days for a behavior to become a habit.  During the year I have found that people wonder, when they actually speak to me, not in the comments, but in a face to face conversation, where the ideas come from.  It’s all pretty organic.  Something along my day or week provokes me, whether it is in laughter, or anger or sadness.  Some of the posts are rooted in memories from my childhood or adolescence.  Those stories come to light, often when talking to students about the struggles of growing up, and how despite in those moments my often feeling very alone and judged, that time gives you perspective, and we survive what seems unforgiving and never-ending.  Times when I totally embarrassed myself or challenged myself somehow translates for kids as being someone with whom to identify.

Sometimes, I just make myself laugh out loud and believe (often in error) that others will laugh with me.  My sense of humor is off beat and although you might think that my FHB would be my muse, we have very different senses of humor.  Hence, he does not fit the role of muse.  In fact, the person who knows me and laughs with me (and at me) and in spite of me, is my sister.  When you have a sibling that is the only witness to your life at times when life is  complicated and off kilter, they are also the one with broad perspective, because they knew you then, and gratefully know you now.

I keep a list of ideas and situations and lyrics to songs I will probably never write….in my iPhone. Thanks, Steve Jobs, for giving me a place to store stuff.  It’s like a closet for my rantings, both disorganized and repetitive. Then there are the moments, when I find something, or think of something that I forgot about.  It becomes a new “outfit” or something recycled, that fits the bill.  A great feeling.  Today, in trying to do some research for this post, I found out that the root of “blog” comes from Weblog.  Didn’t know that. Probably the only one in the universe that didn’t.  I’m okay with that.  I do research of one sort or another as I write.  Often, I check my spelling or try to come up with the exact word I mean to convey.  There are moments of historical significance or hysterical significance, that I want to fact check.  The evolution of posting twice a week is actually something I have no idea how it came to be. I did some reading on blogs and experts indicated that keeping your blog in your readers’  collective consciousness by writing frequently, will expand the number of people who see your posts.  Apparently, there are about a trillion, zillion, gabatillion (made that up) people who blog.  That’s why I am so grateful for my “regulars”.  It’s like the number of bars in a big city.  You just hope the same people walk into yours, don’t slobber as the night goes on, don’t get into a fight and pay their tab…and keep coming back.

A riff on  the song Dinah Washington brought to us  “What a diff’rence a day makes” I can say now say that I have blogged for 367 days and the diff’rence is you…

Thanks and let’s keep in touch.


One thought on “What a diff’rence…

  1. saftadiane

    Another good one, Barbara!You are sooo talented!!!!Thanks!BTW….SEEING THAT I cannot eat basil on this diet (another 3 weeks)….if you want some basil cuttings…I have some to share.  I also have my parsley and chives growing well…..so if you could use some … just holler!   ‼️NEWS FLASH‼️  David is moving out tomorrow morning!!!!!   Hallelujah!Party Party Party……..Shabbat Shalom!Diane

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