Day 1 ….Me Time


Good evening…I am just doing a quick check in. School vacation is underway and if Day 1 is any indication, things are going to be pretty darn spectacular.  I am just sitting on the couch in the loft with my FHB.  A strawberry rhubarb pie is in the oven, brownies on the counter, and a blueberry tart made its way down the hall to a dear friend to celebrate a birthday.  Probably doesn’t sound much like vacation to most folks but not having to get up at 5:45 a.m. and sleeping till 7:18 a.m. is pretty awesome.  The morning included breakfast at a local restaurant with Norwegian pancakes and strawberries and some really mellow coffee.  Then we headed to the library (my favorite place that doesn’t sell shoes) and picked up my copy of Moby Dick.  I’ve gotten a hundred pages into it and I have laughed and loved thanks to Mr. Melville.  The rest of the day went by with a little of this and some of that (and a few hours of work in job two, but hey, doing only one work related activity is easy).  It’s time to get back into the book….the narrator is getting ready to get on the ship and ….well you can read it yourself.  I’m wishing you all a weekend filled with things  you want to do and little of what you have to do.  See you soon.   Monday I will report back about Lizzie Borden and the scene of that famous story….


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