Night Club


So, there’s a  night club out there for a group of us.  It starts at two a.m.  No dress code needed.  Actually eveningwear is preferred but no one cares how you dress, because the truth is that this club is uber exclusive and the membership is discreet.  People only know about it if you mention it.  You will not necessarily run into anyone you know at the club because you won’t actually see them, in person.

A couple of nights ago, I renewed my membership to the after hours night club.  It was two a.m. and like a bolt of lightning struck me while I slept, I awakened with a mission.  I got up and headed out to the dance floor a.k.a. the kitchen and took a right into the spare bedroom a.k.a. the library, and like a truffle hog sniffing out truffles, I found the books I needed for the next day to bring to work. Mission accomplished, under cloak of darkness.  Therein lies the rub….as I turned victoriously  heading back to bed, I walked into a kitchen stool and the pain resonated through my foot and I knew I had done something bad, and fairly stupid.  Since my FHB was fast asleep in the other room, I did a silent scream,  and spun around a few times until the stinging feeling stopped, only to be replaced by that numbing ache of injury.  I have found that the best way to handle a known injury (including cuts, gashes and bruises) is not to look at them. Once you look at them it is all over. Then you can no longer deny that you hurt yourself, even if the blood is dripping somewhere off your body.  I knew by this time (now 2:20) that I only had a limited amount of time to go back to sleep. The practical part of my brain instructed me to get some ice, pack it into a bag, cover it with a towel, and go back to sleep with the ice firmly on my foot. My logic was that either one of two things was going to happen. It was either going to have  been a bad dream and I was fine, or it was going to be a little bad, but again, I wasn’t going to take any chances and look at the foot.  What you don’t know sometimes, can’t hurt you.

The membership in the club requires that you continue into the night doing things that can be done during the day but that you don’t get a chance to do,  and nighttime is the right time, as the commercial or song in my head goes.  I opened the freezer (mind you the house was dark, because it was nighttime) and as I reached into the ice container, I saw in the light of the freezer (dim and limited) that the ice had overflowed the container and was all over the back and bottom of the freezer.  Well, that needed to be taken care of, right then and right now.  I was now fully awake and in full task mode.  It provided a great distraction for the foot issue.  I pulled out the ice container and dumped the ice into the sink. The overflow had invaded a huge area of freezer real estate so it was time to excavate and purge.  It felt good to have this time to myself, doing something totally necessary.   I noted the time.  It was only three a.m. I had plenty of time to get sleep later.  I moved some of the food and found some archeological artifacts including a homemade pasta sauce from sometime in 2016 that no longer had the allure it had back in ’16.  Had to go.  There were some ground almonds that were in a bag whose date I could not decipher, so I got the flashlight.  I didn’t want to make too much noise and bring attention to the sleeping FHB and the cat.  I should mention that my FHB is not a member of the club. He is far too sane to earn an application.  I brought the flashlight to the freezer which was now humming loudly, since you are not supposed to keep the door open for such a long time.  I examined the almonds.  Freezer burn was obvious. Drat.  It joined the sauce.  Well, they probably knew one another having been in the same place for quite a while.   I took out some boxes of frozen vegetables and packages of wrapped meat.  I organized them by size and stacked them neatly.  I found some other remnants of unidentified things and even with the flashlight, they were mysterious.  I am pretty sure that mysterious foods don’t belong in the freezer after a while.  I wiped down the shelves, while I was at it and now that it was three-thirty I knew I had another two hours of solid sleep to look forward to.  I’m not an insomniac by any means. I am a recreational sleeper who enjoys those moments when I can and do sleep.  However, when you come across something urgent like I did, you have to strike while the iron is hot (perhaps a bad analogy considering we are discussing ice).  In any case, I took a step back, carefully, so as not to injure any other body parts.  I did a really good job. Organized and visible to the untrained eye.  Now, when I suggest to my FHB to get something specific out of the freezer, he will have a better than good chance of identifying it.  I then got an ice pack (found them in the back) and wrapped it in a towel and headed to bed, but not before shutting the freezer door, putting the flashlight back in its place.  It had been a good night at the club.  It had been a while since I put in an appearance.  I looked good in my rose colored flannel robe and felt good, despite that numbing feeling that came back once I headed to bed.  I knew that others were up, in their night club, perhaps not cleaning out the freezer but still doing something that made them feel that indescribably accomplished feeling.  I wished them each a silent “good night” and good sleep for the remainder of the evening.  Some may feel that night time is lonely and certainly  dark, and that things do look darkest before the dawn, but I think if you just watch your step, you can greet the daylight knowing it has already started to be a good day.


P.S.  When I did finally examine the foot and toes they were were a lovely shade of midnight blue.  My FHB did a great job of taping the toes together and not asking too many questions.  Cue the eyeroll.


One thought on “Night Club

  1. sashakaplan

    I am having a good chuckle reading this while lying on the guest bed of a friend’s in Pt. Townsend .
    I’m picturing you in your guest bedroom and standing in front of the freezer to bring order to the packages and containers. And at 3am. Matt too, would be obliviously asleep if I had whacked my toes and needed to defrost.
    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your life at 3am.

    Liked by 1 person


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