No two


Some days, things just happen the right way.  I was surprised, and of course, had to research what actually happened, to make Spring arrive today, March 20th shortly after midnight (GMT).  Apparently, once again, I either didn’t get the memo, or read the whole scientific explanation, or even know that I was operating in the old school belief, that Spring arrives on March 21st.  But now I know, and I was happy to celebrate the vernal equinox.  I think this is what writers and  poets have in mind, when they describe a glorious day.

I seem to end up, on Mondays, in one of my favorite towns. Fairhaven is surrounded by  a lot of charm and is just a drive across the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge, a short span which, if you time it just right, holds up car traffic, to make way for cargo ships and fishing boats to leave or arrive.  It’s one of those events, that if you are in a hurry, don’t plan on the bridge.  I prefer the wait.  The window was rolled down, the temperature was about 54 and bright sunshine required sunglasses.  When I looked to my left, I saw the fishing boats moored in the most inner harbor (see above left).  Some people are impatient and as they approach and see the bridge in the open position, they make a u-turn and head on their way in the opposite direction.  To each their own.  It takes about fifteen minutes but it is time well spent especially on the first day of spring.  As the bridge re-engages in the closed position, the cars move slowly across the road and we head east to Fairhaven.  I headed south toward the center of town to do a library return and some pick ups.  The good news was that I was prepared to pay my fine for overdue books only to find out that somehow there was no fine due.  I don’t argue with good news.  I walked out and down the steps and just stood and looked around.  The lighting was perfect, the sky azure blue.  Grabbed my phone (who has an actual camera these days) and took a picture of the library (photo on the right).

I had essentially the same conversation today with two people, a sixteen year old boy and an almost fifty year old man.  They both talked about the velocity of time.  The younger man, talked of how quickly the school year was going and how he remembered the last day of the past school year “like it just happened”.  The older man shared that his older daughter of twenty-five was half his age.  We spoke of knowing one another long before she had been born.  I thought of them both, along the continuum of the life span, both acknowledging the same concept at two different points.  Trying to hold on to a day is hard.  No two moments, no two people, no two days are exactly the same.  I want to remember this first day of spring but know that they come and go so fast it seems that it is impossible to grab it tightly.  Taking a couple of pictures allows me to hold that feeling but doesn’t stop the momentum.

Spent some time with my FHB and a dear friend and some amazing chocolate cake.  We talked about the present and the past.  We realized (actually she did) that we hadn’t actually seen one another since Thanksgiving.  Could that be…guess so.  We shared memories and caught up and then she was on her way.  Good way to spend another first day of spring.  The cake, new yesterday and gone today.  Some things don’t get better with time.

The earth’s orbit  is moving in a more cyclical way so the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is changing.

“While it’s true that we’ve traditionally celebrated the beginning of spring on March 21, astronomers and calendar manufacturers alike now say that the spring season starts one day earlier, March 20, in all time zones in North America. Unheard of? Not if you look at the statistics. In fact, did you know that during the 20th Century, March 21 was actually the exception rather than the rule?

The vernal equinox landed on March 21, only 36 out of 100 years. ” 2005

So the way I figure it,  we need to grab the chocolate cake as often as it appears.  Spring 2018 is only 364 days away.






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