Winter Eyes


We’re just about there.  5:44 a.m. (EST) it will be official.  The winter will begin.  You might imagine that with all the details and fanfare that I share with you, that I am looking forward to the season.   Sorry to disappoint, but that would be a total lie.  I could admit that I do like an occasional snow day when the news on my phone lets me know that school has been cancelled.  I usually smile and turn over and think about something warm to cook and cozy to wear, if I change out of my pajamas at all.  It seems so far away from June that it is inviting and tolerable and a pleasant surprise.  I am just not a winter person.  I don’t enjoy frolicking in snow and would rather view it from a window or in a movie, but not necessarily in my neighborhood.  New England is known for beautiful winters and is the thing that calendars are made of.  I appreciate the loveliness and the quiet of a good snowstorm.  The crunch underneath my feet and the sun ‘s warmth on my face despite the tundra-like surroundings. I can write about it, but I would rather it be a part of my vivid imagination, than my reality on any given day.

Ice is my enemy. It creates the deepest fear in me and fills me with panic.  I just came back from Chicago (no, this is not the beginning of a stand-up routine) and it was so cold (how cold was it you might ask?) that apparently according to a un-named source, it was actually colder in Chicago this past weekend, than it was at the North Pole.  Don’t be impressed.  If I was at the North Pole, I would expect you to be impressed that a person who hates the cold and ice would venture north and conquer her fears.  Nope.  Never, not ever.  Instead we spent time with some family-like friends in the warmth of their company and beautiful apartment but did venture out like Admiral Byrd with his expedition to visit a fabulous supermarket.  I saw an unshoveled area of sidewalk and did I contemplate using that as an opportunity to come to terms with the enemy I have long loathed?  Absolutely, positively not.  It was never under  consideration as something I should try. It was also about a million degrees below zero, with the wind chill, as we explorers say.  So, instead I squealed like a piglet, frozen in place and my wonderful FHB took my arm, which had turned rigid like an ice queen and walked me toward clean pavement and away from the devil itself.  My hero.  But this was on the way there.  I couldn’t enjoy the walk because I knew we would have to deal with this on the way back and snow was in the forecast and we were heading into unchartered territory.

On a lighter and fluffier note, the supermarket was fabulous.  It had sushi, and desserts and a wine bar. It had barbeque and beautiful flowers and lots of cheeses.  It was somewhat of a food paradise, like food Disney.  It’s only flaw was that it didn’t have anyplace to sleep, if I was to contemplate not leaving until the snow and cold abated,and I could see daffodils from the store window.  There I was in a mecca-like place and I had to leave and retreat back to the cold, harsh fall (remember it was December 16th).  Ridiculous.

I’ve mentioned before that I fall down for no reason. Therefore, falling down on ice seems more like a destiny, rather than an accident.  Being risk adverse in nature, when it comes to forces of nature, is a conundrum.  Logic goes out the window, and gets the better of me. My only weapons are my wit and my hiking sticks.  I rely on one and lean on the other.  I don’t want to move to somewhere warm.  The farmers and their almanac just creates a possibility that worrying about the winter will net me a solution.  However, like with most books, I don’t read the end first.  I prefer to see how the story unfolds.  I take solace in the knowledge that I wear sensible boots, a scarf around my neck, and never a hat. I don’t like hats.  I have my sticks and when I have to face the enemy, I give it the best I have, which is rather meh.  This is not the winter of my discontent (Richard III stolen, misquoted reference).  It is just the next winter to be dealt with and perhaps handled.  Like everything else we have to face, somethings we have no way around, we just have to follow through and not fall down.  Here’s to remaining upright!

Have a good week ahead.  Don’t shop till you drop.  Have a hot chocolate to herald in the winter.



2 thoughts on “Winter Eyes

  1. formanbrunellm


    I thought ab you visiting Chicago this past weekend, probably the oldest on record. It was 8 below zero in Kansas City. I too hate the cold. Where guild boots and walk carefully. Don’t fall.


    Miriam Forman-Brunell Professor of History University of Missouri-Kansas City

    CitySent from my iPhone

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