Spa on the Go


Long before all this discussion about the future and self driving vehicles, I was indulging, so to speak, in a few minutes of me time, where I sequestered myself in a water laden tube and never left the comfort of my car.  I put my car in neutral, handed a kid fifteen dollars, (including a tip) and put my seat in the reclining position and let the car move itself along.  It probably takes about 5-7 minutes to go through the car wash, whether I indulge in the triple foam, wax, and undercoating or just do the wash and dry.  Money well spent, clean car and the humidity is like a facial. I did a little research, although, amazingly there is quite a bit of information about the cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and utilization of time. I found out that  on a daily basis that the bays are actually in use only ten percent of the time.  They can be moneymakers, and although the research suggests a lot of wasted water (I felt a bit guilty reading this), it is  a moment in my day, where something happens with little intervention and work on my part, with a pretty decent outcome.  I like the sounds of a car wash, the quiet and solitude and the fact that although I don’t do it often enough…read rather dirty black car, when I do make that usually last minute impulsive decision, I don’t regret it one bit.

The car wash experience is one of those things on the lists I keep creating to keep up with the things I categorize according to three criteria.  There is the must do list, the should do list, and then the it would sure be nice to do list.  Usually, the impulsive car wash is in the latter list.  I imagine we all have our small, or large indulgences, from a small piece of candy to a small, but shiny piece of jewelry or sportscar.  Considering that at the large end, the indulgences may be more difficult to attain, I like to keep it real and realistic.  I go for something that meets the need, in the moment.  Sustenance for each of us has different parameters.  The recognition that often, it is only ourselves we can provide this for, means we have the responsibility to do it.  It is the “fake it ’til you make it” path.  If you don’t believe that you have  what it takes to feel confident, you pretend you are until you are where you need to be.  Sometimes it is like putting on lipstick and letting the world know you are ready and able, though your knees are shaking and quaking but only you know that.

The should dos are the tough ones, but those are the first to be done because they are usually those tasks that involve others.  We do not wish to disappoint, do we? So we do.  The should dos are the ambivalent crowd of things that matter, but we can talk ourselves into doing or not doing. They are not fun because we don’t let them be fun.  So the it sure would be nice are those things that we revel in after we finally give in and do for ourselves.  It’s like a little  “aha”moment in our heads.  It is also the realization that they are usually pretty easy and worth the moment. When I uncomplicate my brain and go through a car wash,  I get a clean car and a clear mind. Neither lasts for too long, but in the moment, it does the trick.

Make soup to keep warm and enjoy your weekend.


One thought on “Spa on the Go

  1. saftadiane

    Another good one, Barbara!!!!Thanks!BTW….Ethan & Krissy’s baby room will be shades of blue…kinda aqua-ish!Shabbat shalom!And enjoy this weekend!❌⭕️DianeSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App



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