Pragmatism, controversy and granddaughters

Often,  the complexities of the world we live in, result in confusion and misunderstanding.   We are forced to look in the mirror and determine what we see.  We remember that the reflection in the mirror is sometimes an accurate view of what we  believe we see.  Sometimes it is distorted and our minds attempt to perceive it in the way that is familiar and comfortable.  Sometimes it is just uncomfortable and disquieting.  I sit with that feeling tonight after a day of discussion, controversy and angst.

I am a pragmatist.  I recognize that at any given moment, things may spin out of control despite my attempts to maintain balance and order.  The elements of reason and prediction clearly have gone awry.  Marshall McLuhan pronounced that “The medium is the message”.  That was in 1964.  That was a lifetime ago but very prescient.  Every day we do our lives, to the best of our ability and our hope  is that if we stumble, we can try again the next day.

I have two amazing granddaughters.  They deserve the best world we can give them.  That is not measured in possessions but in opportunities and experiences that enrich and offer a just and true life.  We do not have a moment to look back to see what we stumbled over.  It happened and we are already a day away.  We must keep moving and focus on making it better.  Somebody’s fault, everybody’s fault, nobody’s fault Doesn’t matter. Let’s get going. Time’s wasting and we have no time to waste.  I am grateful to have a place to write my thoughts.  We still have that choice.  If I don’t understand you, I am still willing to listen to you.  Maybe I will hear you.  Maybe that’s a start.

Thanks for reading.






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