Farm Stand Happy

I tend to not use the term perfect, as I believe that few things are worthy of the word,and that we tend to lean toward hyperbole when talking about what perfection is.  Yet, when fall appears, both on the calendar and in our surroundings, it crosses my mind that sometimes I truly experience a perfect day.  Yesterday achieved that momentary status and actually the day before had hints of what makes me smile inside and feel the contentment that goes along with an extraordinarily lovely day.  To wake up to blue, blue skies and low humidity and feel the beginnings of a chill in the morning air is to define what a New England fall day is.  I have no excitement for other seasons as I do the fall. I am not a fan of snow or snowing, and summer is sometimes burdensome, because heat and I don’t see eye to eye.  Spring always seems to take a while to show up and I am not good at waiting. But I am a fall baby and revel in the anticipation of the changes that I am going to see, day by day.

Saturday was a day spent running the errands that comes with the weekend.  The highlight  of the afternoon was in stopping at a farm stand in the next town, and feeling the colors of the flowers and vegetables with their orange,  maroons, purples and deep greens.   Walking in and viewing a basket of assorted different colored carrots, flanked by the yellow and green summer squash, and the  deep, almost merlot colored brandywine tomatoes that evoked anticipation of the best salad possible, became a sensory experience.   It wasn’t just the vegetables, it was the comfort of the small  fragrant wooden building, with its wide open doors and view of fields of dahlias and green houses, filled with produce that generated an excitement like a surprise party filled with everything you could ever want, and things you saw you didn’t know you longed for, until they were right within your grasp.  Kind of like falling in love when you are lucky enough to find it.  I was absolutely farm stand happy.  I made my purchases and as I was turning to leave, I saw a small container of figs and that was the pinnacle of the moment.  The gentleman who helped me, smiled as I wore my delight right out there, like a home run   in the bottom of the ninth when the game was a winner already.  Triumph, figs came home with me.

Yesterday was another day spent outdoors filled with time spent watching the tugboats and  an assortment of pleasure boats, as they traversed the Cape Cod Canal.  I had my Sunday New York Times,and my FHB had his book, and we had a front row seat watching the boat traffic like a parade in front of us.  No words between us were needed as we knew that these days are simple and cherished.  We take nothing for granted but are grateful to be aware of these perfect moments.  Many folks think one day is like another, a sunset is a sunset, fall is just a season to be passed through.  I delight in the subtle differences and revel in the colors of sunsets and vegetables.  Like knowing that common sense is not so common, we also know that gifts of  spectacular fall days are always a possibility but not always a given.  Enjoy your week.


P.S. The word I was looking for in Friday’s post was “incubator”. My sister came through. Guess she knows how I think.


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