Small disappointments

This morning,  as I went out the door, I realized that hot coffee, home brewed, was not going to make me cooler since the humidity was high and the temperatures climbing.  I don’t wish time away, ever, but I am just not a fan (no pun intended) of hot weather.  I am ready for cooler temps and anxious, not to wear shoes and socks, but to need a sweater, once in a while.  In order to hydrate and beat some of the heat in the workplace, I made an executive decision to turn into the national coffee chain,  located on my way to work, and get an iced coffee.  I’m not a complicated or sophisticated coffee connoisseur, I’m a medium, french vanilla, four cream and a Splenda person and if it can be mixed to distribute the contents, that would really be nice. Is that too much to ask?  I am sure some of you are questioning my gustatory proclivities and probably think I am too plebeian.  Not true, but close, when it comes to coffee.  I don’t think I care about espresso or latte or such.  Simple, relatively straightforward, and correct.  So, here’s the ridiculous part,  as I drove up to the speaker,  I asked, in my clearest, former speech therapist’s voice, for “One medium iced tea, lemon and one Splenda”.  I arrived moments later at the window and received my tea and drove to work.  Okay, you may be looking back at the beginning of this blog post and thinking “I thought she was talking about coffee”.  I chickened out. I was worried about whether my request would be considered and created, or whether it would be discarded and I would get something not even close to my order.  I have   “Bad  Morning Coffee Disappointment Syndrome”.  It’s a chronic syndrome that happens more often than not. I don’t like telling people about it but I know I am not the only one this happens to.  I felt that it was time to share it here and now.


On more than one occasion, when I order coffee, to go , either at a chain or a local establishment, the order is wrong, especially in a drive through situation.   Often, I don’t taste it until I get to where I am going and when I take that first, critical morning sip, I know that I have been messed with.  It either has no cream, no Splenda, about a cup of sugar (ew!) or is burnt, or hazelnut flavored (ugh!).  I am pretty close to heartbroken and feel quite defeated.  My ritual has been disturbed.  The rest of the day is potentially threatened, and often there is no turning back.  It can get ugly, and I often have to warn people who approach me shortly after my discovery, that it may not be a good day, and they might want to walk away quickly.  I feel a momentary sense of paranoia and wonder if it was something I said to affect this outcome.  Did I not say what I wanted? Was the person (remembering that I don’t go to places with barristas) decided that every third or fifth or seventeenth person was not going to get what they ordered, just because they could do that?

As defined “disappointment is the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations”.  Nailed it…that’s the feeling.  Not the worst thing in the world, certainly.  However, I like things that go my way, that I can count on and not have to spend too much time overthinking.  I believe that to be part of the human condition….reasonable expectations and reasonable outcomes.  Yes, it is just a cup of coffee, and there are far more important things in life in general that require attention and consideration.  Our mornings are the beginnings of a new opportunity each day. This is a chance for us to take the day and make it ours and change the things we can control and perhaps take a new view of something and make it better or best. I am an optimist in most things and a pragmatist in others.  As for today’s coffee, it seemed easier to order tea  and not chance a small disappointment.  The fall will come and cooler weather will be on it’s heels.  I will wear sweaters and leave iced coffee behind and hope for the best.  Hot coffee, home brewed, will be with me. It won’t disappoint.  I feel better already.


3 thoughts on “Small disappointments

  1. pattiharney

    I have similar fears at the drivethrough because I need decaf due to heart palpitations from caffeine. I can’t tell you how many times they mess me up! I always ask them twice, sometimes three times, if it is decaf and they get annoyed, but too bad. I ended up in the hospital once from caffeine intoxication. So I have to be extra careful, and your average joe doesn’t get that. (Pun intended.)

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